Thank You!

Card courtesy of   Paper | Rock | Scissor

Card courtesy of  Paper | Rock | Scissor

Thanksgiving is here and I am currently at the studio, wrapping up last minute deadlines and deliveries before heading out of town to join the family for the weekend - just like many of you. It's quiet in the studio today, as our team is already headed to their own festivities and when I arrived to work, there was a special little delivery from the amazing people of Paper | Rock | Scissor

The message on the card struck me and I had to take a moment to say Thank You. Each and every day, I wake up and am able to live my dream. I am surrounded by THE MOST AMAZING artists and people on our team that give so much of their time and talent to our companies. I am grateful that they believe in our work and also our clients.

To my team - thank you. You are all wildly talented and I am constantly humbled by your work. It is a joy and honor to work with you on a daily basis and create photographs along side you. 

To our clients - thank you for trusting us. You also believe in our vision and allow us to give the best gift we can possibly give, which is our talent. Thank you for letting us serve you and tell your stories. 

To our industry - thank you for your support. Collaborating, learning and teaching with you this year has been a great pleasure. I can't wait to see what comes next.