Image By //  N ate Ryan

Image By // Nate Ryan

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So, here is the deal. I am thirteen years into being a freelancer. I've gone from being a girl with a camera to owning four different brands and building a team of some of the best artists. I've made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of successes, but my experience has taught me a wealth of knowledge (and some crazy stories) that I would love to share with you.

Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or student, I want to guide, mentor, and inspire you. My hope is to begin with a simple conversation, and by working together, develop for you a refreshed, real-life perspective on the industry. I will push you to dig deep and realize what phase is next. The best part for me is that the chances are likely I will end up being inspired by you. 

Eliesa Consults came to life from my desire to stand alongside artists and freelancers embarking on this journey themselves. It is always incredible to see my peers in this industry put their goals and ideas into motion, taking their businesses to the next level. I have been empowered by sharing my stories and experience, and look forward to working with my clients in realizing what it takes to be a success. 

I have been doing private consulting and public speaking for over seven years and It has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career. 2015 marked my tenth year of business, and with my incredible team of photographers, producers, editors and assistants, we have built four successful brands.

A Story About Inspiration //

I discovered a photography darkroom at fourteen years old. The shooting, the developing, and the whole process of photography, I couldn’t get enough of it. To then share my images with a community of people, that is when my love affair with photography began. 

I met my greatest mentor at this young age. His name was Marsh, and he was my high school photography teacher. There were no books, not much of a curriculum, but rather a more experiential approach to learning. Marsh sent me out into the world with rolls of film. He taught me how to develop film and prints by example. 

Marsh taught me through his stories. It was through these stories that I not only learned about being a great photographer, but also about what it took to get the shot, how to position myself, how to push myself, and how to deliver your work, and how to treat people with grace. Part of my learning was in the critique, but a bigger part was discussing how it felt. I learned to focus on the moment of emotional attachment created by the work we created. 

Once I had been through fine art school, I was eager and ready to take on the world as a photographer. The problem was that I had never learned how to actually make money being an artist. I barely knew how to make a business card, let alone how to network, promote myself and my work, secure contracts, and do my taxes. It was then I remembered some brief but important words from Marsh: 

“Do whatever the fuck you need to do to make good art.” 

So I started my own business. Now, I would be honored to share my experiences and become part of your story.